I work as a User Experience Designer at Jumbotail, a company that aims to organise food and grocery ecosystem in India through Data, Design & Technology. (https://www.jumbotail.com). My role as a UX Designer is to simplify the experience of using our internal tools, for our users.

In this post, I want to share my experience of a recent visit to one of our fulfilment centres in Jumbotail. My goal was to understand one particular flow within our supply chain operations — how are product returns handled?

The supply chain in Jumbotail is built completely from ground up, in terms of…


I’ve worked at Decathlon for almost 5 years, starting in logistics and ending up in retail. During the latter, I managed the Target Sports (Archery, darts, Billiards & Carrom) brand, overseeing the supply, product range, merchandising & e-commerce operations in its entirety.

I’ve paved my way into UX after figuring out that I’m interested in the user side of all the work that I did at Decathlon. This project is about taking those thoughts and an empathetic view on the overall customer experience and suggesting design changes.


For this case study, I’m focusing on how to improve the online customer…

The growth of logistics in India has shown tremendous improvement in the last decade, starting from scratch and reaching a level where the Indian logistics industry is competing with the top dogs of the most affluent countries. The industry itself was valued at $160 billion in 2019 and was on course to reach $250 billion this year, before the pandemic set it back. It will soon be the most sought after industry in India.

Ok.. so what’s my point?

While it is doing substantially well, there are areas that definitely call for a review and improvement, mainly in terms of…

What is information architecture?

  1. The structural design of shared information environments.

2. The combination of organization, labelling, search, and navigation systems within web sites and apps.

3. The art and science of shaping information products and experiences to support usability and findability.

4. An emerging discipline and community of practice focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.

Were you expecting a single definition? Something short and sweet? A few words that succinctly capture the essence and expanse of the field of information architecture? You wish!

Information architecture is all around us - in the websites we use, apps &…

Manikrish Kannan

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